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to come home and dad never showed up? >> malvo also described in frank terms how he and mitt romney carried out their deadly -- muhammad carried out their deadly crime spree. >> my focus is on weaknesses, passengers, and whenever there was an opening i told him to shoot and it was just one rapid after another after another. >> muhammad became a father figure to malvo and offered consistency even though as malvo pointed out in his interview that consistency was madnes andrea mccarren, 9 news now. >> one of the most intriguing low pressure elements of -- elements of malvo is his statements. he said don't continue to let my actions make you a victim the rest of your life. it isn't worth it. >>> on this one year anniversary of the occupy movement demonstrators took to the streets again today. a few dozen made their way through downtown d.c. disrupting traffic along the way. it is a sharp contrast from a year ago when freedom plaza and k streets were filled with tents and people, but the objective they say remains the same, fighting corporate greed and corruption. >> people need to real
. >>> mitt romney back out on the campaign trail today. a big boost tonight. take a live look at mitt romney and paul ryan's rally in virginia. and right near charlottesville. all right, he is out this repeating some of the very same lines that he used to hammer president obama. now for his part, he needed to press his republican challenger. we've got that from the white house. >> reporter: the crowd at the conservative conference in colorado welcomed mitt romney with thunderous applause on thursday. the unscheduled stop was a victory lap of sorts, following a strong performance at the first presidential debate. >> trickle down government that the president proposes, it is one where he will raise taxes on small business, which will kill jobs. i want to keep the taxes down on small business so we can create jobs. >> reporter: an instant cbs news poll on the uncommitted voters showed romney won the first debate by a margin of 2- 1. speaking on thursday he continues to draw contrast with the president. >> we don't measure compassion by how many people we can put on food stamps. but we measure i
will make his case for the next four years and mitt romney will be more specific about his plans for the country. when mitt romney and president obama meet on this stage for their first debate, more than 50 million viewers are expected to tune in. greg is an important member of that audience. he is an undecided voter. >> i think they are talking directly to me. >> wayland's top issue, the economy. >> that's going to be the thing for me. someone that comes forward with a cohesive plan for america and where america fits into that. >> both candidates have spent hours rehearsing for this moment. they'll face each other for 90 minutes. president obama has to avoid any major missteps and explain to voters why unemployment is so high and the economic recovery so slow. >> i think what you'll hear the president do tonight is have a conversation directly with the american people about where we have been over the past four years and what we have to continue to do moving forward to strengthen our economy. >> romney who is trailing in the polls will be looking for a breakout moment. and
state that could help decide who takes the white house. a new usa today poll shows romney is leading in the swing states. among likely voters he's got a 51% and president obama is down at 46%. 3% remain undecided. in the nonswing states in washington d.c. the race is a bit tighter, romney 49%, obama 47% and joining us now via the telephone to talk about this new polling and the numbers that have to be troubling for the obama campaign, susan page, usa today washington bureau chief. welcome. first is this still all about the president's poor showing in last week's debate? >> it's about, derek, his poor showing and romney's good one. you know, i think that pollsters on both sides of the political aisle tell us that that prompted some voters who were not friendly to romney to take a second look at him and that includes particularly some women voters. in this new swings states poll we have romney and obama even among women in the swing states monday those most likely to vote and that's a real change from before. >> yeah. that's a big deal because romney is still running ahead w
on the campaign trail today. here's a live picture from virginia where mitt romney will be speaking sometime soon and president obama is in ohio. both crucial swing states in the upcoming election. president obama is now reenergized and republican challenger, mitt romney, certainly isn't backing down. daniel nottingham with the latest from the white house. >> in a key battleground state -- >> hello, iowa. >> president obama continued his debate with mitt romney. >> his tax plan doesn't add up. his jobs plan doesn't create jobs. his deficit reduction plan adds to the deficit. >> in chesapeake, virginia, governor mitt romney offered his own recap of highlights. >> i love these debates. these things are great. and i think it is interesting that the president still doesn't have an agenda for a second term. >> with less than three weeks until election day, the president and his republican challenger are running out of time to sway undecided voters. both are focusing on women. the president is running with governor romney's debate comments about recruiting women for his massachusetts administra
for the big vice presidential debate. >> reporter: mitt romney teamed up with new jersey governor chris christie on the campaign trail in ohio. >> we just got to get government the hell out of the way and let you suck see. >> reporter: the romney campaign showing crist -- suck searched. >> reporter: the romney campaign is hoping christie's bold style will help him. if romney loses ohio, he will have to win almost every other swing state to get into the white house. romney has been gaining ground in the polls since his first debate against president obama. the president spent tuesday in ohio and critiqued his debate performance in a radio interview saying, "i think it's fair to say i was just too polite. ". >> when we were on stage governor romney decided instead of changing his plan it just didn't exist. what $5 trillion tax cut? >> reporter: the vice presidential candidates are the next stop on the debate stage, vice president joe biden and judgment knee paul ryan preparing for their face-off in kentucky. the vice -- and nominee paul ryan preparing for their face- off in kentucky. t
on the campaign trail. ryan teamed up with mitt romney while biden hit wisconsin. danielle nottingham brings us more. >> reporter: vice president joe biden continued to play offense in wisconsin friday. >> it's time romney and ryan and the republican congress take a pledge to the middle class people saying we're going to level the playing field. >> reporter: a day after a spirited vice presidential debate. >> with all due respect that's a bunch of marlakey. >> watch out middle class. the tax bill is coming to you. >> reporter: both candidates headed back to the campaign trail. >> reporter: congressman, how you feeling about last night? >> i feel great. >> reporter: paul ryan stopped for breakfast with his family before teaming up with mitt romney in ohio. romney used an earlier virginia rally to praise his running mate's debate performance. >> there was one person on stage last night who was thoughtful and respectful, steady and poised. >> reporter: the obama campaign said the vice president walked away with the win, but friday the white house had to defend his answer about the deadly att
. the latest polls show a tight race between president obama and mitt romney. today, romney was visiting cadets at the virginia military institute where he promised to strengthen america's defense. he says president obama has failed to lead on the world stage, especially in the middle east. >> it is clear that the risk of conflict is higher now than when the president took office. >> polls show voters favor president obama when it comes to foreign policy. he is campaigning in california today. that's where he dedicated a national monument to latino labor leader, cesar chavez. >> he believes when a worker is treated fairly and humanely by their employer, that adds meaning to the values this country was founded upon. >> president obama and mitt romney face off again next tuesday in the second of three debates. >>> and in virginia's u.s. senate race, tonight former governors, george allen and tim kaine, will square off in a debate sponsored by the aarp of virginia and the league of women voters. that gets going in just under an hour, 8:00, right down in richmond. you can watch it live on our w
romney and president barack obama now cramming for tomorrow's first presidential debate in denver. the polls show most americans believe the president will win the first debate, but historically, it's the challenger who usually gets a boost. >> less important than what they say is how they appear, do they treat their rival with respect? do they connect with the audience? do they respond at the moment when they have to react? >> how do they look? how do they seem? >> tomorrow's debate focuses on the economy and the second half will address national concerns. and this is your no bull zone. we are teaming up with our sister paper, u.s.a. today, to bring you the facts in tomorrow night's debate. we will be fact checking what the candidates are saying we'll also have live screenings on our website. and watch 9news at 11:00 for the most comprehensive coverage you'll get. >> if you are not being anowed from all those political signs that use to clog the virginia highways, there's a reason for that. they're not the anymore. lawmakers got rid of the exception with which to allow politi
, vice president joe biden and the challenger mitt romney were stumping down in florida. mr. biden was hammering the republican ticket for what he said is not giving straight answers. >> everything depends. it depends on the audience you are talking to. >> in tampa, romney avoided directly attacking the president, but offered subtle remarks. >> i have a plan and i plan to make it happen. >> and according to a new survey out of cbs, president obama leads governor romney by just one point. >> well tonight police on the hunt for a man suspected of launching a series of pipe bomb attacks. 25-year-old lawrence allen stewart iii targeted his ex- girlfriend and two law enforcement officers. the first attacked happened yesterday in fredericksberg. the deputy hadn't been there for over a year. this was over a domestic violence case over his girlfriend. >> i don't care what his record is and i don't think anybody in this room cares what his record is. three acts in the last two days are of the utmost seriousness to my agency and to the law enforcement community. >> nobody was hurt in any of
through this many times. >> reporter: mitt romney in north carolina with the reverend billy graham decided a little extra help couldn't hurt. >> prayer is the most helpful thing you can do for me. >> reporter: as for biden, here's a look at him preparing for the debate while in delaware and a quick quip as he prepares for a walk-through at center college. >> you ever seen me rope a dope? >> reporter: a large audience will soon see what biden and ryan can do at the smallest college in the smallest town ever to host a general election debate. stacey cohan, 9 news now. >> we should note once again cbs news coverage of the debate begins at 9:00 sharp here on channel 9 and once again wusa9 is partnering up with usa today to be your fact checking authority. anita brikman live now at usa today hq with the fact checking team. ready or nothere can only biden and ryan. >> reporter: it could be a heated one tonight, derek. yes, we are ready. the political team here at usa today is staying late to watch the debate with us and be with us at 9news at 11:00. we don't just want our viewers to w
. >> reporter: mr. obama coined a term for romney. >> we got to name this condition he's going through. i think it's called romnesia. >> reporter: accusing him of flip-flopping on major issues. >> i want to go over some of the symptoms with you, because i want to make sure nobody else catches it. here's the good news. obamacare covers preexisting conditions. >> reporter: in fairfax, virginia, saray chin. >> women haven't forgotten how they've suffered under mr. obama's economy of higher taxes and unemployment. mr. romney is scheduled to hold a rally in florida tonight. >>> unemployment tonight in several swing states. according to the labor department, rates dropped in ohio, florida, wisconsin, iowa, nevada, and north carolina. numbers in new hampshire have remained unchange, but nevada still has an unemployment rate of 7.8% and north carolina is 9.6%. >>> a bunch of virginia voter registration forms tossed in a dumpster. the man allegedly did it facing charges of voter registration fraud. his name is colon small and hired by the virginia republican party, taking place in harrisburg. the gop sa
>>> mitt romney gets the first question tonight. >> fact checkers over at the newspaper u.s.a. today will be watching today's debates closely. anita, what can we expect? >> this will be a busy night. i'll be with the team as they take in saying, the claims, the accusations and fact check them. they are going to be blogging about that on we are your place to be for campaign 2012 coverage. the debate itself will air on channel 9 at 9:00 p.m. it's also streamed live on our website, and then stick around at 11:00 as i'm joined live by the politics editor, we're going to fact check what the candidates had to say, look at the truth, look at who exaggerated and i'll be sending out notes on twitter, tweeting for you as well from u.s.a. today all through the night. derek, back you. >> thank you anita. if you are planning to vote this upcomg ection, your time is most nning out. today is the deadline to register in maryland. you have to have the paperwork in by 9:00 a.m. the deadline, friday, but as of now, you have the option of registering in person down at
some work to do. we have an election to win. >> mitt romney is focusing his efforts on ohio and spending most of the week here. >> the question ohio families families are asking is -- ohio voters have accurately picked the winning presidential candidate in the last 12 elections. >> we are going to take back this country. we're going to keep it strong. we're going to get america going again. >> latest polls show a tight race in ohio. but early voting is already underway here and many voters have made up their minds. >> lori is a small business owner in columbus and might benefit from romney's tax plan. she doesn't believe it will be good for the country. so she's voting for the president. >> you have to pay your fair share in taxes. th means big business, that means small business. >> phillip is ceo of a local industrial supplier. he wants smaller government and is voting for mitt romney. >> i think that is the central question in this election. what is the size, the role, and the scope of government and what is its cost? >> both candidates will be looking for more sup
front yard. there was a knock on the door. >> reporter: the stevens are romney supporters. she took a few snapshots of what was left of their 4 by 8- foot romney sign in their front yard. >> there's political signs up and down the street. it is disheartening and sad that somebody would choose to do this. shame on them. freedom of speech, what's wrong with them? >> reporter: this is a friendly leesburg street where neighbors have differing views both democratic and republican signs put up. sure, a few spines have been stolen, but -- signs have been stolen, but never have they heard of one burning down. >> she has strong political beliefs. she's a good friend and definitely has the right to put her signs up in her yard. >> reporter: stevens has since put up a much smaller sign. >> it's just nasty. it's wrong. >> reporter: in leesburg, surae chinn, 9 news now. >>> there is sad news out of hawaii tonight where a veteran who captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands around the world passed away. 92-year-old frank tonabi's story went viral earlier this week avenue filled out his abs
news. >> obama versus romney. the final round. how nasty will it get? >> they don't like each other very much. >> our team of katherine schwarzenegger and chris jacobs is on the ground in florida. >> what effect does "snl's" mocking of the candidates have on the election? >> i'm about to cut you. >> oh, i'd like to see that. >> and can mitt romney close the gap on what has been haunting him, women's issues? president has not had to seek out help from binders. >> whitney houston's daughter visiting her mother's grave. >> i'm completely terrified. ♪ >> only "e.t." has the emotional new footage. >> and the story behind the failed intervention for lindsay lohan. >> lindsay took off and she was running. >> our new interview with her father. and why the family is fighting mad. >> it is taylor swift week. >> only on "entertainment tonight." >> we're the first show, sitting down with the pop star, who earns more than
one issue. today in ames, iowa mitt romney pounced on newly released economic numbers. >> last quarter our economy grew at just 2%. after the stimulus was passed the white house promised the economy would be growing at 4.3%. over twice as fast. >> the president is off the trail today, but vice president biden was out there telling the voters in wisconsin that a rome knee presidency would erase out patrol syces obama -- would erase all the progress oh bra bah ma has made. new polls show romney is gaining on the president in colorado and nevada and has pulled ahead in virginia. >>> we take a live look outside right now. very gray all day long but things could get a whole lot worse. after the break with the latest with hurricane sandy it could be a real tough one. >>> and right after the break uncluttering the confusion when it comes to maryland ballot question. john mcdon is here to help assorts it out. >>> from same sex marriage to expanding gaming north carolina voters have a lot of big decisions to make on november 6th but the language on the ballot can get confusing. here to break i
and his wife will appear at events in virginia beach and lynchburg. sunday republican nominee mitt romney will be at rallies in haymarket, richmond and virginia beach. today, though, president obama kicked off the push through the old dominion with an appearance in richmond and there he thanked a prominent republican for his endorsement of the democrat's reelection. >> i was proud and humbled to learn that we have colin powell supporting this campaign. [ cheering and applause ] >> i'm grateful to him for his lifetime of service to his country both as a soldier and as a diplomat. >> at the same time the president spoke in richmond republican running mate paul ryan was addressing a crowd an hour away in bristol. >> this is an important election of a lifetime. we are picking the trajectory, the destiny, the path of this country for at least a generation. >> the most recent poll out of virginia comes from rasmussen, a sample of 750 voters yesterday giving romney a two- point edge. however, that poll has a four- pointer roar margin. >>> there is new -- four-point margin of error. >>> there is
, president obama and mitt romney back on the stomp today. president obama spent of the day in ohio and florida. and a rough day on wall street. the dow is down more than 240 points. the nasdaq dropped about 26 points. apple unveils the new ipad mini. at eight inches, it's two inches smaller and the starting price is smaller as well. >>> 78 today. it is fantastic. and here's a look at your weather cam. 72 now and the winds pretty much down at this hour. the 9 weather alert. green, green, green 82 thome, partly cloudy and 75 on thursday maybe a sprinkle on friday. but still mild temperatures, the low 70s. showers saturday and sunday, unrelated to standee that is a cold front rolling in. >>> maryland's sixth congressional district. this is what the district used to look like and this is what it looks like now. it has parts of germantown and potomac and now registered democrats outnumber republicans there by more than 40,000. as bruce reports that means district six's long time congressman is facing a real battle to hold on to his job. and the man trying to take it is john delannie. >>
, mitt romney says there is a reason unemployment sits at 7.8%. >> the reason it's come down is due to the fact that more and more people have just stopped looking for work. and if you drop out of the work force, if you give up and say look, i can't go back to work, i'm going to stay home. if you drop out all together, you aren't part of the employment statistics. >> president obama spent part of his day in virginia as well and speaking at a rally in george mason in fairfax. >> i'm surae chin on the campaign trail at george mason university in fairfax, virginia, where the president spoke. the first speaking event in virginia since the debate. >> more americans entered the work force. more people are getting jobs. >> it was his first talk in the battleground state of virginia since his performance at wednesday night's debate. >> in if anything, it would be positive job numbers and that's what he honed in on. >> it's a reminder that this country has come too far to turn back now. >> in a room full of supporters, a setting is more comfortable with. >> fired up the crowd. >> th
will be back in fairfax tomorrow morning holding a rally. mitt romney spent most of his day preparing for monday's third and final debate. both men, they will be at a charity event in new york city tonight raising money for needy kids. >>> right now, two former governors are in their final debate before the election day in the race for the virginia senate seat. you're looking at the live pictures of the democrats tim cain squaring off. and for the, you can watch the whole thing here. it will go on through 8:00 p.m. on our website, >>> awe man, you've got to love the fantastic fall days, but typical. they don't last out in the weather center with more on that. >> yes, we have a boundary there to the west, producing showers and thunderstorms. but you are right, it looks great. 72 is the high. we'll look at your radar and see the heavier activity still in the mountains as we needed to talk about it yesterday in the evening hours. it'll be an overnight event for most of me -- most of the metro area. and it will be northward up through the county in maryland and points even fart
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